Summer is already here, and our minds can already hear the sound of waves crashing on the shore… and the taste of saltpetre after a long-refreshing bath in sea waters.

But as they say, no good thing comes without a cost. The sun’s heat increases and so do radiation levels, and skin related disorders in proportion, with hyperpigmentation being one of the most annoyingly common of them all.

Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder that affects mostly women, and is characterised by the appearance of hyperpigmented spots. Its treatment is becoming one of the greatest challenges to health care professionals, and requires a good deal of consistent effort from the patient.

At md:ceuticals we want to give you some advice so you can fight hyperpigmentation safely at home:


I know, it’s self-evident. Sometimes though, the most obvious solutions are the most reliable. Wearing SPF on a day basis is the best prevention against harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiations that may not only lead to signs of hyperpigmentation, but premature photo-ageing, and the appearance of blemishes and skin burns.

Try 3D Moisturizing Sunscreen Protection for a complete sunscreen effect fighting against harmful radiation in very delicate skins.


We know tanning is a summer must, but it’s important to remember that high sun intensity hours are also high intensity radiation hours, where we are more exposed to all the harmful effects.


If you are already suffering from hyperpigmentation, it’s important that you remember not to use aggressive depigmentation treatments during the summer, as the skin may remain weaker and more sensitive to solar radiation.

We recommend using md:Tranex Retipeel Whitening cream morning and night on affected areas, always combining it with 3D Moisturizing Sunscreen Protection to protect the skin against solar aggressions and avoid melanin neo formation.

Powered with Tranexamic acid, md:Tranex Retipeel Whitening cream helps to remove and prevent all types of hyperpigmentation, even the most difficult-to treat ones, minimising the chance of recurrence. With an excellent safety profile, it visibly improves discolouration, evens out skin tone and reveals a bright, smooth and uniform complexion.

There you go, and with everything we have said in mind, go and enjoy your summer!

Written by md:ceuticals